Message from Dave Rankin

Message from David Rankin, Founder & President, on behalf of the Peregrine team

COVID-19: Peregrine Demonstrates Engineering Flexibility with Ionization System Certifications

The dramatic negative impact to the aviation industry from the on-going COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. In response, Peregrine developed multiple STCs for non-chemical mitigation and neutralizing of surface and airborne pathogens in aircraft. Working with Aviation Clean Air (ACA), Lee Aerospace, Duncan Aerospace, Bombardier and others, Peregrine developed installation data and STCs covering Dassault-Falcon, Gulfstream, Textron and Bombardier aircraft.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

While we continue to focus on engineering and certification of avionics and aircraft systems, Peregrine expertise was sought by ACA and Lee Aerospace to address the unique needs of business and regional aircraft installation and certification of critical ionization disinfection system capability for operating aircraft.

At the same time, world aviation industry standards organizations, RTCA and EUROCAE, created a team of industry experts to provide guidance for cleaning and disinfecting aircraft (SC-241 / ED-121). AviaGlobal Group, supported by Peregrine, led SC-241 Working Group 3, focused on non-chemical disinfection methods, where the use of ionization methods was a key part of the final guidance document. Through AviaGlobal Group, Peregrine provided detailed support and design information for this critical effort. The final document, “Guidance Document on Aircraft Cleaning and Disinfection” was released on 24 December 2020 as RTCA DO-388 and EUROCAE ED-287.

We are very proud to provide key support for this all-important industry-wide effort, making aircraft the a safe, pathogen-free environment, significantly enhancing passenger and crew health & safety.

Team Peregrine looks forward to working with you to develop additional STCs to address COVID-19 disinfection in other aircraft models. We encourage you to call or use out “contact us” link today.

(Copies of DO-388 and ED-287 are available for purchase and download at or