Peregrine Receives STC for Bonanza Aft Auxiliary Heater


Peregrine is pleased to announce the completion of STC SA02024WI, “Installation of the Aft Auxiliary Heating System (AAHS)” for full range of Beechcraft (Textron Aviation) Bonanza models.
This STC authorizes the installation of one or two (depending on aircraft model) aft auxiliary heater modules. These modules perform the job of reheating the existing aircraft heating air so to balance the temperature of the aft aircraft cabin with the aircraft cockpit during heat operations.

The STC covers all Bonanza/Debonair models in TCDS 3A15: 35-33, -A33, -B33, -C33, -C33A; E33/A/C; F33/A/C; G33, H/J/K/M/N/P/S/V35; V35A/B; 36/G36, A/B36TC and includes both 14-volt and 28-volt models.

Equip your aircraft for the coming cold months by contacting Peregrine for availability information.
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