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Our commitment to quality standards and customer service is fundamental to our mission.

Peregrine was established in 2009 in its hangar at the Denver area Centennial Airport with the mission of becoming an engineering, certification, and manufacturing resource capable of providing end-to-end FAA-approved STC solutions for the aviation community.

In 2017, the company signed a “Partnership for Safety Plan” with the FAA that set standards for successful and effective project management and certification activities with the Denver ACO, and has subsequently been awarded Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).  This designation will authorize the company to more efficiently perform key functions in managing certification projects and determining compliance in accordance with stringent FAA procedures, guidelines and oversight.

The company has been especially active in developing certified solutions for the next generation of air traffic control technologies. This includes development of STCs providing ADS-B Out capability for all types of aircraft operating within the US and abroad.


“We would like to thank our customers and our partner network that have contributed greatly to our success”

Over the past 14 years, Peregrine has completed numerous STCs and has emerged as a top performing integration and certification team in the industry.


Peregrine prioritizes collaboration-driven partner networks, with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Peregrine teams with avionics OEMs, Part 145 repair stations and aircraft OEMs to deliver the high-value solutions that they need to succeed.

“No matter the complexity, we are eager to deliver solutions to manufacturers, shops and operators for the best value.”


STC ST00813DE - Replacement of ED-800 CRT displays with CMC CMA-6800 LED displays

“We provide engineered solutions to a wide range of certification and installation projects using an optimum mix of internal skills, trusted collaborative resources, applying over a decade of experience with the FAA.”

Dual BendixKing KT 74 Transponders and bezel - STC ST00892DE

Peregrine’s broad skill set and experience base accommodates programs of varying scope & size.  Diverse and growing inventory of STCs & kit designs – easily adapted to specific client needs.

Peregrine is known for solving difficult engineering & certification challenges, with programs ranging from 2 to 16 months or more.


Flap/Slat actuator heater for G-150 aircraft. Shown in Gulfstream FAST G-150 aircraft - STC ST01075DE

Our quality standards meet the highest benchmarks in the industry, but we believe there are always opportunities to improve. An extensive quality management system and dedicated factory and field inspection department ensures that our STC kits parts are manufactured to meet design and fabrication specifications and that production standards are maintained to a high level.



Clear communication reduces uncertainty
  • Peregrine customers can be assured, based on prior experience, that progress and roadblocks will be clearly and regularly communicated
  • The best customer value is assured through predicable activity without excessive contingencies baked into the project price
Experience-based, Established Methodologies
  • Predictability based on years of Peregrine experience reducing schedule and scope variability
  • Peregrine’s clear processes and procedures provide guidance to ensure repeatable, predicable project outcomes


Market Leading in Delivered Value for Money
  • Peregrine customers can rely on our proven track record in program execution and transparency of process to reduce uncertainty and to deliver on promises