Our ODA Capability

Peregrine FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA)

Improved project turn-around time

With delegated authorization, Peregrine has end-to-end control of project certification activities without having to accommodate FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) workload and priorities. Peregrine projects are less likely to be impacted by other concerns of the FAA.

Improved predictability of project requirements

Peregrine is able to exercise its delegated authority to match project requirements with FAA policies and objectives without unpredictable personnel and ACO changes in the middle of your STC projects. Peregrine’s ODA capability brings more control and certainty to your projects.

Better cost control

By bringing your project into the Peregrine engineering environment, customers can expect better cost control by reducing unplanned FAA ACO “scope creep” or requirement escalation.


Status of the Peregrine ODA Project

Peregrine is nearing the completion of its Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) application, a very select, limited Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designation.

Once having achieved this key milestone, Peregrine is anticipating a rapid authorization by the FAA to complete Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) operating as an ODA.

The  STC ODA will allow Peregrine to perform many tasks previously requiring direct FAA involvement by acting as a representative of the FAA.

This means quicker turnaround times for our clients’ STCs to better serve their customers’ needs while maintaining the same level of thoroughness, accuracy and attention to detail that has been the hallmark of Peregrine’s engineering services.


What is the ODA Process ?

The role of designated authority to perform certification and oversight tasks is detailed in the rule establishing the Organization Designation Authorization program.

“Since at least 1927, the federal government has used private persons to examine, test and inspect aircraft as part of the system for managing aviation safety. The current system of delegations has been evolving since the need for assistance by private persons was recognized over 70 years ago. Beginning in the 1940s, the FAA’s predecessor agency, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) established programs to appoint designees to perform certain tasks for airman approvals, airworthiness approvals and certification approvals. These include the Designated Engineering Representative (DER), Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR), and Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) programs.”

As stated in the FAA document “Establishment of Organization Designation Authorization Program” Federal Register: 70 FR 59931, Page: 59931-59949, “Since the formation of the first organizational designee programs, organizational designees have gained significant experience in aircraft certification matters, and the FAA has gained significant experience in managing these designee programs. We have found that the quality of the approvals processed by these organizations equals those processed by the FAA. Delegation of tasks to these organizations has allowed the FAA to focus our limited resources on more critical areas.”

Designation Authority

As with any authorization delegated by the FAA, Peregrine will be acting “as a representative of the Administrator, these persons or organizations are required to perform in a manner consistent with the policies, guidelines, and directives of the Administrator. When performing a delegated function, designees are legally distinct from and act independent of the organizations that employ them. The authority of these representatives to act comes from an FAA delegation and not a certificate. As provided by statute, the Administrator may at any time and for any reason, suspend or revoke a delegation. This is true even though some parts of the delegation regulations in part 183 and elsewhere refer to kinds of certificates that denote the authority granted.”

The FAA further states that “the FAA is adopting the ODA program as a means to provide more effective certification services to its customers”.