What We Do


System Design & Installation

  • Design & Engineering
  • Certification (FAA & foreign)
  • Organization Designation Authorization (ODA)
  • Designated Engineering Representatives (DER)
  • Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

Leveraging its time-tested internal processes, trust-based relationships with regulators and strong communication practices, Peregrine allows its clients to efficiently achieve their goals & objectives with Peregrine’s commitment to “doing it right the first time.”

EMB-120 Cockpit Upgrade Project - STC ST00895DE
  • Access to Trusted Partners
  • First pass competency
  • Efficient program management process
  • Frequent, two-way communication

We have the skills and capability to deliver and manage complex programs. We are used to working with certification authorities, aviation customers and end users, and we understand their unique needs.  We leverage our deep experience to develop the most cost-effective program solutions for our clients.



Turnkey Engineering

Peregrine has built its core business by consistently meeting its cost and schedule commitments which it accomplishes by insisting on the highest levels of quality in everything it does.  In doing so, it has built a sterling reputation in the industry, resulting in long-standing customer relationships and a continual stream of new customer referrals.

Peregrine’s broad base of skills and extensive network allow it to provide one-stop shopping for a wide variety of programs of varying scope & size.  Through its array of in-house and contract resources, it is able to provide all necessary project functions including design, engineering, analysis, testing, document prep, manufacturing, installation and certification.

We hold a diverse and growing inventory of STCs & kit designs – easily adapted to specific client needs.


Inspection and Packing of Installation Kits
PMA Assemblies and Kit Preparation


Fabrication and Prototyping

  • Expanded Structural Design
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Tooling Development

Peregrine has experience in utilizing additive manufacturing for the development of rapid prototypes, short-run tooling and complex production parts, yielding significant cost and schedule savings over traditional tooling and fabrication methods commonly used during the development of supplemental type certificates and installation kits.


Conventional and Additive Manufacturing Assists with Prototyping and Production Assemblies
Raw Materials and Subassemblies Support PMA Assemblies and Prototype Development

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) can speed the development of necessary fixutes, tools and parts to speed the development of the entire STC package including the installation kit. In-house facilities, including traditional fabrication capabilities further elevate the complete capabilities of Peregrine.



Program Management

  • Fundamentals Mastery
  • Applied Experience
  • Consistency
  • Rigorous Requirements Capture
  • Due Diligence
  • Detailed, Collaborative Client Interface
  • Outcome-Driven Flexibility

Our experience allows us to ask the right questions upfront and understand what the key characteristics of a given program will be.  With that, we build an efficient and realistic schedule of tasks and dependencies which allows us to create accurate budgets and resource plans.  Finally, with an emphasis on execution, we track project diligently and communicate constantly with our customers and partners.  The result is a smooth, predictable process which yields optimal results and minimal surprises for our customers.


We have effective, practical working relationships with certification authorities, aviation customers and end users and understand their unique needs and our experience guides the development of the most cost-effective program solutions


The Peregrine team works with our partners to optimizeyour program schedule to ensure timely perfromance and success