Curtiss-Wright Fortress Flight Cockpit/Data Recorder Installation STC

ST01070DE - Installation of the Curtiss-Wright Fortress Flight Data Recorder (with Cockpit Voice Recorder), Class C Cockpit Image Recorder, and Dukane Seacom Underwater Locating Beacon

Curtiss-Wright, SoCal Jets, Inc. and Peregrine Avionics have developed a solution to meet the requirements for recorders as outlined by the Federal Civil Aviation Agency of Mexico, AFAC, NOM‑022‑SCT3 2011, for the operation of Part 25 aircraft in Mexico Airspace.

Under certain regulatory bodies, Class C Cockpit Image recorders are allowed as a means for recording flight data where it is not practical or prohibitively expensive to record on an FDR, or where an FDR is not required. This AML STC offers an economical means of complying with the new AFAC and ICAO requirements.


Peregrine provided all engineering, test and certification data needed to obtain the Supplemental Type Certificate approval.