TJ Spitzmiller returns to Peregrine as VP, Business Development and Administration and provides over twenty years of experience in the aerospace industry. Beginning with five years of Supply Chain Management with Eclipse Aviation, where his efforts were

An interesting and thought provoking article was posted recently on AINonline by James Wynbrandt. Covering security and privacy while operating business and general aviation missions, the article gives an in-depth view of current issues and mitigations to

The FAA is working to ensure that radio signals from newly activated wireless telecommunications systems can coexist safely with flight operations in the United States, with input from the aviation sector and telecommunications industry. "Safety is our

Today, in the fourth FAA 5G Roundtable, it was announced that Verizon and AT&T have agreed to extend, by one year, certain voluntary mitigations that were set to expire on Jul. 5. (From the 17 June HAI

On behalf of Gulfstream Aerospace, Peregrine has completed a supplemental type certificate (STC), ST01075DE, covering the installation of flap and slat actuator heaters to ensure improved high-lift system operation in cold weather landing situations. After exposure to

A Peregrine-developed FAA STC for Gulfstream FAST G150s resolves the problem of freeze-up of G150 flap and slat actuators. This freeze-up can prevent the deployment of these secondary flight controls. Read more about the STC here.