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TB40 STC for Beech 400A Aircraft

Peregrine recently completed STC ST01999WI for the True Blue Power TB40 for installation in Textron Aviation (Beechcraft) 400A aircraft.

The True Blue Power TB40 Lithium Ion Airplane Battery is a replacement for the original Lead-Acid main ship battery. This new technology battery installs in the same location as the original battery in the aft tail cone compartment, saving over 56 pounds when compared to the current Concorde lead-acid battery. The TB40 installation includes system control and annunciation on the MD23 battery monitor. Additionally, the installation includes an on-board status indicator. Additionally, the TB40 provides on-demand health status and state of charge on the face of the battery.

Contact Ryan Reid at Mid-Continent for purchase details and Peregrine to see how the Peregrine Edge streamlines your certification goals.